Pianos have been an important fixture in homes, schools, churches, and performance spaces for many years. Whether you are a professional musician, a music educator, a worship leader, someone who plays for personal enjoyment, or a parent providing an opportunity for their child to develop a musical foundation, a tuned and cared-for instrument will provide a lifetime of pleasure and artistic fulfillment. A well-made piano built by a reputable manufacturer is an investment that will hold or even increase its value as it ages.


The sound and personality of a piano is due to its construction mostly of wooden parts, which are particularly susceptible to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. With time, a piano will definitely go out of tune. In concert halls, performance pianos are tuned at least weekly, and then touched up between performances. A piano that is not a concert or recital instrument ought to be tuned twice a year but absolutely not less than once a year. A piano receiving regular tuning becomes more stable and mechanically “healthy”.

The cost for a standard tuning is $165. While a normal tuning takes about 2 hours, I always allow 2.5 hours for a visit, as this allows time for simple fixes or minor adjustments made for no extra charge. If a tuning requires travel outside the Morgantown vicinity, a modest surcharge will be added for time and mileage.

Service & Repairs

A well-maintained piano will last a long time without need for major repairs. However, a piano will eventually need some TLC. Parts (over 12,000) will break, crack, wear out, dry out, or loosen as pianos are particularly vulnerable to wide changes in temperature and humidity. Strings, especially in the treble register, may break and need to be replaced.

*Special Note* - If a string breaks, do not discard it, as a piano uses multiple gauges of piano wire, which vary according to the manufacturer and the size of the instrument - from a small spinet to a 9 foot concert grand. A broken string is measured carefully so its replacement is identical in size and resonance. Broken strings in the treble register are replaced @ $20 per string. (Thicker bass strings break much less frequently but cost more to replace).

Many repairs and additional adjustments can be completed on site, others may require replacement parts, strings, lubricants, felts, shop work, etc. These repairs are priced according to the cost of the parts and time spent. Options can be discussed during the tuning and assessment of the instrument. Needed and approved extra work will be performed at a nominal charge of $30/half hour. More extensive work requiring two or more visits and outside shop work will be estimated on a case by case basis.

My Background

I recently completed my tenure at West Virginia University where I had been a Professor of Music (Trumpet) for over 38 years and most recently taught as Adjunct Professor at Duquesne University. I have music degrees from Wheaton College (Illinois) and graduate degrees from Northwestern University. I continue to perform as Principal Trumpet in the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, and periodically am invited to perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony.

My piano tuning and maintenance skills were learned under the mentorship of the Head Piano Technician at West Virginia University, and I have assisted in maintaining the numerous studio, concert, and practice instruments in the WVU Creative Arts Center and elsewhere on campus. I have many satisfied clients (churches, schools, and individuals) whose pianos I regularly tune.

I hope I have the privilege of helping your piano achieve its musical, educational, and artistic potential!

Colossians 3:16-17

“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”


To schedule a tuning or ask questions, please contact me using the form below. Let me know if you would like me to call you regarding your piano.